About Anais Saint-Jude

For the past six years, Anais Saint-Jude has led important initiatives at Stanford University in California, drawing on her strong points of thinking strategically and executing ideas tactically. Anais Saint-Jude currently serves as a program and engagement manager at Stanford.

As part of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, she works with Bay Area companies such as Google and Accel Partners. Saint-Jude develops programs in entrepreneurship and innovation and organizes major events, including a reception for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit for 2016 and the STVP Future Fest, which featured an appearance by Elon Musk. She also co-produces the DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series; Melinda Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were featured speakers.

Prior to that position, Saint-Jude was the director and founder of BiblioTech at Stanford. This innovative program linked Stanford humanities faculty and doctoral students with entrepreneurs outside the University. She raised $30,000 from the Office of the President and $200,000 from other decision makers.

Before she became a program designer, Anais Saint-Jude taught French literature and humanities at Stanford, where she earned consistently high marks on her evaluations.

Anais Saint-Jude has stayed true to her early focus on French literature, enjoying such writers in her spare time as Molière, Pascal, Hugo, and Racine. She also follows the opera, jazz, and fashion photography, and enjoys world travel.